Building Compassion


We belong. We take care of each other.

A Compassionate Community

NicBluCares is the national pilot of a successful worldwide movement called ‘Compassionate Communities’. The people of Nicollet and Blue Earth Counties in Minnesota are building a safety net of community support, strengthening our compassion and capacity to care for one another in times of crisis and loss.

Community Support Network

NicBluCaresTOGETHER builds our capacity for compassion inviting us to come together with respect, authentic presence and attentive listening.Sharing our experiences allows us to companion each other through suffering, which is the definition of compassion.

Community Partnerships

NicBluCaresIMPACT collaborates with civic, health, and community-based organizations to foster a culture of caring that can reduce loneliness and isolation. By engaging the public and learning from each other, we can better cope with challenges, live healthier, and achieve wellbeing together.

Community Resource Directory is a dynamic community directory that allows users to explore and access local support services. It also offers a way to increase our connections with each other and with the places, groups, and activities that cultivate belonging and enrich our lives.

Kato Towns Compassionate Charter

The Kato Towns Charter is a growing collection of community-developed best practices across Mankato/North Mankato representing how we care and support each other during life's difficult experiences. We are a compassionate community!

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Kato Journey Guide Doulas listen to your hopes, fears and goals around serious illness and offer resources, support and care.

Community resource directory

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Find the people, supports and services that connect you to community engagement, health and wellbeing. consolidates support for free and reduced cost social services into one central database, increasing the accessibility, efficiency and impact of community programs.


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