Together it happens

Get Your Bell Ready!

BELLS OF BELONGING RING on the first Monday of every month for one minute at noon.

Get your bell ready—we are ringing together at area churches, court houses, city buildings, private homes, and businesses. When you hear the bells, we invite you to listen, pause, and appreciate:

We are a compassionate community! We belong. We take care of each other.

Pause to remember:
As the bells ring on the first Monday of every month, we invite you to acknowledge our shared humanity and remember that we are not alone.

Support someone you know who is experiencing loss:
Reach out with a phone call, a visit, a text, or email. Loss is not something we can fix. Compassion is about the willingness to share in the suffering of another. Being present and listening is often just what’s needed.

What is NicBluCares?

NicBluCares is the national pilot of a successful worldwide movement called ‘Compassionate Communities’. The people of Nicollet and Blue Earth counties in Minnesota are building a safety net of community support, strengthening our compassion and capacity to care for one another in times of crisis and loss.

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Let’s Get Together

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