Community CONNECTOR Program


Become a Community Connector

The purpose of a Community Connector is to be a keen listener and, when someone expresses a personal need or a question about the community, to ‘signpost’ that person to our local resource directory,, where they might find something to improve their social connections, health, and wellbeing.We are creating a community safety net where all people feel that they belong and are cared for when times get tough.

Remember, we can’t fix loss or grief.
Being present and listening is often just what’s needed.

Community Connector Training Program

The 2-hour training session will include tips on:

– holding space
– listening skills
– grief literacy
– knowledge of local resources
– how to ‘signpost’ people to the local directory

Compassionate Community Connector Trainings will begin in January 2023

Community Connector Training

What is NicBluCares?

NicBluCares is the national pilot of a successful worldwide movement called ‘Compassionate Communities’. The people of Nicollet and Blue Earth counties in Minnesota are building a safety net of community support, strengthening our compassion and capacity to care for one another in times of crisis and loss.

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