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You are invited to gather in circle conversations with your neighborhood, organization, or business to discuss and identify your group’s best compassionate practice for the Charter. Then, add your organization’s best practice(s) to Kato Towns Compassionate Charter using the form below:

Group/Organization Description (choose one or more)
Did your group/organization gather in circle conversation(s) around belonging, loss, and resiliency that led to the identification of a promising practice(s)?
Does your group/organization commit to continue a compassion building process and will agree to annually review of the submitted practice(s)?

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Each one of us has a role to play. We can enhance our sense of belonging and support in the places where we work, play and call home. We do not have to face hardships alone. We belong. We take care of each other. Thank you for contributing to a more compassionate Kato Towns.


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What is NicBluCares?

NicBluCares is the national pilot of a successful worldwide movement called ‘Compassionate Communities’. The people of Nicollet and Blue Earth counties in Minnesota are building a safety net of community support, strengthening our compassion and capacity to care for one another in times of crisis and loss.

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